T - Minus 5 days until RECORDING!

I love recording. I think it is one of the most exciting things ever! It has been a long journey to get to the place in my career where I have the confidence to take a leap and invest in recording my own album. I am so deeply grateful for the many wonderful people I met while attending a singer-songwriter residency at the Banff Centre in March, and I'm even more lucky that 3 of them are coming to Victoria later this week to be a part of my album!!!! 

It feels really good. 

Of course there are one million things to be doing right, and believe me, I am doing them, but I also feel this kind of calm that has never been in me before recording other albums. Maybe I am just going into it with a different frame of mind, or maybe it's just been a long time coming and I am just thankful that it's all really happening! 

There are still lots of hurtles to overcome, but receive updates from in the studio and be a part of the journey by pre purchasing an album over at KickStarter http://kck.st/2JOiy5u 

Every bit counts, and it means the world to me. 

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Wheels are Turning

Wheels are still turning -however slow it may feel to me- and progress is being made towards recording a collection of my solo pieces with Producer/Sound Engineer David Parfit. I have spent the summer teaching myself how to use recording software and began the arduous but quite satisfying process of making my own demos. This week David Parfit and I started laying the foundations for the first song called "Maybe." 

In conjunction with all of this, I am feverishly finishing two grants in hopes of securing some funds for these recordings! Fingers crossed! 

The "Holy Matrimony" Wise Child tour across BC to Alberta and back was a great success! We played some fantastic venues with some truly inspiring bands, I can't wait to hit the road again. It's in my blood now. 

It is an exciting albeit daunting time! I'm hanging onto the reigns with all I've got!

Humble Pie. Delicious

The holidays stir up the reminder to take stock of everything there is to be thankful for; something that isn't done regularly enough! And really there is so SO so much that I am thankful for. This has been an incredibly full year. Not without its challenges by any means, but I have pushed myself, and grown so much- particularly as a musician!

This year marks many breakthroughs for me, some highlights include:

1. Playing music on ViaRail from Vancouver to Toronto with my talented friend Mitchell Green.

2. Playing Victoria's International Jazz Festival in July.

3. Wise Child recording and releasing our debut EP 'Lucky You' with plans taking shape for a full length in the fall.

4. Filming a music video for Wise Child with Kingtide Productions. Blew me away seeing our music come to life visually.

I am thankful for this special community that I have found my self a part of. I am supported, encouraged, pushed and inspired daily. That's all one can hope for. Cheers to all of you!

Fall's here, I'm Ready for You

Fall always comes with a touch of relief... we've made it through the obvious fun months, where sometimes the pressure to go to the beach and summer BBQs becomes a burden! What if I just need to hunker down and not see anyone?! That ol' darn sun with its sweet smile drags you out. So I embrace fall! This has been an incredibly demanding and exciting few months with Wise Child! We filmed a music video with Kingtide Productions, what a talented team! 

Check out the video here!    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzVIneS9fy0

We have put the finishing touches on our EP Lucky You (and ordered a LOT) which will be released next week, October 10th!

The cherry on top will be an EPIC release show at Lucky Bar October 29th with BODIES and Zoo Riots! I get all giddy just thinking about it... 

Keep on Truckin'

June already?!?! Who did this? Well it's not funny anymore! 

Seems like it was just yesterday that I was on that slow train to Toronto... letting the sweet rattle of the tracks rock me to sleep. What a journey that was! Much music was played in the various cars, people met, fine foods were ingested, and the Fraser river, Rocky mountains and canola fields guided our way. Truly a special way to see this country. 

Mitchell Green and I played an awesome show in the heart of Downtown Toronto, my love continues to grow for this city and all those bright lights.

The Wise Child E.P is nearly ready to be released! The mastered tracks have come back and got us feeling all tingly inside!!! A single will be out soon! 

Trying to take time to smell the roses both literally and figuratively, it's alarmingly easy to forget too. 



Well Folks, a personal milestone has been reached.... we have been officially invited to play this years TD JazzFest, and I couldn't be happier!!! (Unless of course Tall Tree Music Festival also wanted to step in right about now......). I spent the last three years sprinting from venue to venue throughout the 10 days of this magical festival trying to catch every act I could, and I feel incredibly honoured to be among the musicians this year. I am humbled and thrilled; and already curating a unique and exciting gypsy-jazz set to bring to the stage. 

Can't wait to share it with you all. 

This is one to check off the list! Cheers!

Well, I'm Impressed

Wowza! This past weekend was one for the books! 

Wise Child had a photoshoot with Rocktographer Leanne Green, so hold your horses they will be up soon! So stoked to see how they turned out! Check out her awesome photos at leannegreenephotography.com 

Saturday night brought some epic bands to the Copper Owl stage! Boy o boy, do we ever have some talent on this island!!! CR0ATIA, Mesa Luna, Bodies and Brothers. From top to bottom a highly entertaining night. These bands are really going places, mark my words. Watching all of their performances filled me with pride to also be a part of the music scene and it reignited a determination within me to continue to work hard everyday and also have so much fun with it! 

Thanks to all of those sweet bands and people, for reminding me that it is always worth it to put in the effort, and it is always worth it to go out and support live music!


A busy bee

With the holidays behind us, and all of the Christmas music stuffed away, its time to get down to business! Festival applications are slowly rolling to the their prospective recipients and now we wait with baited breath! TD JazzFest please choose us!!! By the way we have new recordings up on our sound cloud page!!! Give them a listen here https://soundcloud.com/blue-moon-jazz

The Patsy Cline Tribute band played on Saturday night to a sold out crowd at The Duke Saloon, and what a night it was!!! The highlight of 2016 thus far. Thanks to the Loretta Lynn and Johnny Cash bands, what extraordinary talent. Thank you so much to everyone that come out and helped make the evening so radiant! 

Wise Child is full on pedal to the medal (or is it metal? anyways you get what I mean...). The recording of our E.P is right around the corner! End of march will take us to Gabriola Island to record at The Noise Floor, and we couldn't be more excited!!! We've even got a fantastic new bassist to make us all the merrier! 

2016, I think I like you.

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