Humble Pie. Delicious

The holidays stir up the reminder to take stock of everything there is to be thankful for; something that isn't done regularly enough! And really there is so SO so much that I am thankful for. This has been an incredibly full year. Not without its challenges by any means, but I have pushed myself, and grown so much- particularly as a musician!

This year marks many breakthroughs for me, some highlights include:

1. Playing music on ViaRail from Vancouver to Toronto with my talented friend Mitchell Green.

2. Playing Victoria's International Jazz Festival in July.

3. Wise Child recording and releasing our debut EP 'Lucky You' with plans taking shape for a full length in the fall.

4. Filming a music video for Wise Child with Kingtide Productions. Blew me away seeing our music come to life visually.

I am thankful for this special community that I have found my self a part of. I am supported, encouraged, pushed and inspired daily. That's all one can hope for. Cheers to all of you!