Well, I'm Impressed

Wowza! This past weekend was one for the books! 

Wise Child had a photoshoot with Rocktographer Leanne Green, so hold your horses they will be up soon! So stoked to see how they turned out! Check out her awesome photos at leannegreenephotography.com 

Saturday night brought some epic bands to the Copper Owl stage! Boy o boy, do we ever have some talent on this island!!! CR0ATIA, Mesa Luna, Bodies and Brothers. From top to bottom a highly entertaining night. These bands are really going places, mark my words. Watching all of their performances filled me with pride to also be a part of the music scene and it reignited a determination within me to continue to work hard everyday and also have so much fun with it! 

Thanks to all of those sweet bands and people, for reminding me that it is always worth it to put in the effort, and it is always worth it to go out and support live music!