Keep on Truckin'

June already?!?! Who did this? Well it's not funny anymore! 

Seems like it was just yesterday that I was on that slow train to Toronto... letting the sweet rattle of the tracks rock me to sleep. What a journey that was! Much music was played in the various cars, people met, fine foods were ingested, and the Fraser river, Rocky mountains and canola fields guided our way. Truly a special way to see this country. 

Mitchell Green and I played an awesome show in the heart of Downtown Toronto, my love continues to grow for this city and all those bright lights.

The Wise Child E.P is nearly ready to be released! The mastered tracks have come back and got us feeling all tingly inside!!! A single will be out soon! 

Trying to take time to smell the roses both literally and figuratively, it's alarmingly easy to forget too.