Wheels are Turning

Wheels are still turning -however slow it may feel to me- and progress is being made towards recording a collection of my solo pieces with Producer/Sound Engineer David Parfit. I have spent the summer teaching myself how to use recording software and began the arduous but quite satisfying process of making my own demos. This week David Parfit and I started laying the foundations for the first song called "Maybe." 

In conjunction with all of this, I am feverishly finishing two grants in hopes of securing some funds for these recordings! Fingers crossed! 

The "Holy Matrimony" Wise Child tour across BC to Alberta and back was a great success! We played some fantastic venues with some truly inspiring bands, I can't wait to hit the road again. It's in my blood now. 

It is an exciting albeit daunting time! I'm hanging onto the reigns with all I've got!